Schanzstrasse 19/10
1140 Vienna | AUSTRIA


D: Sudabeh Mortezai  |  98min  |  Sony F55




2014 Berlinale Competition

Firebird Award Hong Kong Filmfestival 2014

Cineuropa Award Festival del Cinema Europeo Lecce 2014

CICAE Award Sarajevo Film Festival 2014

Vienna Film Award 2014


Formally, the film feels very much in the tradition of latter-day Iranian new-wave humanism, but tempered with a slightly more detached tone (Mortezai’s dynamic but controlled camerawork—kudos to cinematographer Klemens Hufnagl—often favors behind-the-subject shots, following Ramasan… – Jessica Kiang, Indiewire


Without the slightest hint of manipulation, “Macondo” allows audiences to discover Ramasan’s fate for themselves, opening its heart to a character who becomes our connection to an incredibly foreign lifestyle. – Peter Debruge, Variety


She observes her characters closely but never permits the camera to crowd or browbeat them, keeps the dialogue to a minimum and allows the images to flow freely and speak for themselves. – Dan Fainaru, Screendaily


Mortezai, who moved to Vienna from Tehran at age 12, observes these conflicts and cultural assimilation challenges with an honest eye and a gentle touch. She nudges Klemens Hufnagl’s camera in close to the characters without ever compromising the film’s unembellished social realism. – David Rooney, Hollywood Reporter